About FortePhest

FortePhest is a biotech startup exploring the groundbreaking potential of H‐Forte™ technology to combat herbicide‐resistant weeds.

Extensive use of the same set of herbicides over the past three decades is the greatest threat to sustained crop production. This has led to the emergence and rapid spread of glyphosate‐resistant weeds, endangering the entire herbicide market. Failure of herbicide effectiveness may cause losses of more than 50% of the world’s crop yield and add an additional $50 ‐$60 billion of annual costs to crop production in the U.S. & EU alone.

FortePhest is developing a new herbicide with a new mode of action and GM Crop concept for control over resistant weeds.

The company’s development of a proprietary supplement for glyphosate could provide a long-term solution for herbicide‐resistant weeds.